New born babies are adorable to look at with the tiny little features and loving smile. But when it comes to caring a new born and trying to identify things for parenting a baby, it takes a lot of time for you. If you want to get more sleep and manage time, you need to know the techniques of putting your baby to sound sleep. This will give you ample time to take rest and manage other household work. How to put your baby to a sound sleep?

Swaddle: Swaddling help newborns to sleep for a longer time. But not all babies respond to swaddling. You will have to try different swaddling techniques and find the best one that suits your baby. Safety comes first; therefore do not put your swaddled baby face down in the crib or sleep along with the baby. Ensure that the swaddle is secure and tight so that it does not come loose. Do not make it too tight so that your baby’s breathing is not affected.

Infant car seat: When you travel by road or air ensure that you get a proper infant seat installed so that your baby’s sleep is not affected. There are many things you need to consider when buying an infant car seat. The seat you buy should meet all the child car seat safety standards and should protect the baby from all sides effectively in the event of any crash. Maxi-Cosi is one of the leading infant car seat manufacturers that meet all child car safety standards. To know which one is the best among the models manufactured by Maxi-Cosi read through a comparison article.

Baby massage: Knowing the techniques of massaging a new born baby helps you put your baby to sound sleep for a long time. This will not only promote sleep of your baby but also give you ample time to manage your daily chores.

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